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Cinelli Cork Bar Tape review

We want to ensure that whether you’re spending £10K on a new lightweight race bike, £2 on a cycling water bottle or £9.49 on Cinelli Cork Bar Tape, that you’re getting the very best you can get for your money. In today’s Cinelli Cork Bar Tape review we’re going to look at why it scores 8.9/10 in our review and why we recommend it over many of the other 113 products in the Handlebar Tape category. We’ve started by giving you a top level score for each of the key areas when it comes to reviewing these products, these scores include a quality score, price score, review score and an overall score.










Cinelli Cork Bar Tape reviews

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Cinelli Cork Bar Tape Specification

Cinelli Cork Bar Tape specs

Cinelli Cork Bar Tape
Feature 1

Full length bar tape

Other Handlebar Tape found with this feature: 1

Feature 2

Complete with finishing tape and end plugs

Other Handlebar Tape found with this feature: 1

Feature 3

Various finishes available

Other Handlebar Tape found with this feature: 1

Spec 1

Colour: Dark Blue, Yellow, Natural, Orange, Celeste, Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, White, Black, Dark Grey

Other Handlebar Tape found with this spec: 1



Number of Reviews


Review Score

4.4 / 5

Average score in category: 4.1


  • . Cinelli has many years’ experience in developing handlebar tape and related componentry. This experience has helped them to refine products to the very highest standards of performance and durability – giving you a comfortable ride for many kilometers Features: Full length bar tape Complete with finishing tape and end plugs Various finishes available Buy Cinelli Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.
  • Product codes: 5014977167456
  • CT4K

No matter what type of bike product your buying, from the simple accessories through to the full setup of your custom built road bike, there are lots of important considerations that you should take into account, especially when you’re shopping online and unable to test the product first. This is especially true when you’re buying products like Handlebar Tape.

Our aim is simple, help you get the very best products for your budget. Whether that’s Cinelli Cork Bar Tape or an alternative, we’ll do our best to find you unbiased, genuine customer reviews to help you make your decision. We’ve found 113 different products in the Handlebar Tape category at Chain Reaction Cycles and we’ve also managed to find 113 products from Cinelli (although only 27 of the 113 are in the Handlebar Tape category).

Our first piece of advice is for you to spend some time really getting to know what it is you’re looking for. An important feature for one person might be totally pointless and irrelevant to you, so get a good idea of what you want and need from your Handlebar Tape. Note down this list of key features that your product must have, that way when you’re comparing alternatives you have a starting point to decide whether one product meets your needs or not.

Price is the next and probably one of the most important factors of a purchase, so it’s really worthwhile spending a bit of time analysing the price of Cinelli Cork Bar Tape and seeing how it stacks up against those offered by different brands or even other alternatives from Cinelli. Below we’re going to get into the detail of Cinelli Cork Bar Tape to help you see how the prices stack up.

We start this price analysis by looking at the price you can expect to pay for Handlebar Tape. There are 113 different products available at Chain Reaction Cycles, and of those 113, the average price is £17.33. There’s quite a variance in price in this category too with the lowest priced product we found at £3.99 and most expensive was £41.99.

The next stage we went on to, was to look at the price of products from the brand: Cinelli. The average price was £213.56 and we found that the price varies right from as little as £0.99 up to £1749.99 with Cinelli products.

And finally we thought it would be good to give you an idea of Cinelli products that appear specifically in the Handlebar Tape category. So you can see that the price of Cinelli Cork Bar Tape at £9.49 is great value considering the average price of Cinelli Handlebar Tape is £20.58 and the price varies from £3.99.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that we managed to find Cinelli Cork Bar Tape during our price scan of several cycle retailers, for the amazing price of £9.49 which represents a £1.50 or 14% saving against RRP. If you think Cinelli Cork Bar Tape ticks all of your boxes in terms of quality and features then it’s more than likely going to be a winner bearing in mind the price.

Cinelli Cork Bar Tape Reviews

Reviews are obviously a key part of the buying process when buying any cycle gear, and that goes for Handlebar Tape too. Reading reviews if going to be the closest insight you get into how good Cinelli Cork Bar Tape is, without actually trying or buying it. Over at Chain Reaction Cycles we managed to find 47 reviews scoring it 4.4 out of 5. That’s a great result considering the price and quality and the fact that it’s a product made by Cinelli. In fact when you consider those points and combine it with the fact that the average review score in the Handlebar Tape category is 4.1 and the average score of products from Cinelli is 4.5 it’s a steal. And actually, if you look specifically at products from Cinelli in the Handlebar Tape category the average review score is 4.4.

That’s why you can see it was easy for us to give Cinelli Cork Bar Tape such a high overall score of 8.9 / 10. It seems to have the perfect combination of features, quality and price making it a great all-rounder.

So our last piece of advice that we can offer is to take your time reading plenty of reviews now, you can see that there are 47 reviews for Cinelli Cork Bar Tape which score it 4.4, so it’s really worth spending a few minutes reading through lots of these to see what the key advantages or dislikes are. It will really reassure you when you come to buying online.

If you do go on to buy Cinelli Cork Bar Tape or in fact any of the other Handlebar Tape, we would love to hear from you. Sharing your views will really help us to write more comprehensive reviews and we will share these thoughts with customers just like you that are looking to read reviews before they commit to buying.